Sandstone Pool Pavers – The Necessity For The Installation

Two common reasons why many home-owners build a swimming pool is to gain the benefits of relaxation, fun times and also to beautify the landscape of their property. In order to achieve those purposes, home-owners have to be really attentive in choosing the right finish for pool paver.

Besides to improve its attractive feature, paver also increases safety for the pool surrounding. When the word safety occurs it means the material has to be non-slippery, nobody wants to fall and get hurt when they intended to have fun!

When it comes to pool paver material, you do not want to spend a lot of maintenance just to enjoy the time of leisure, you need a low-maintenance, durable, and strong material.

Sandstone is a brilliant choice to use around your swimming pool. This eco-friendly material is recognized for its natural strength, durability and slip-resistant nature. It resists in severe climates, in fact, it increases in value and aesthetic appeal over time.

The natural and rich element of sandstone is used in many projects for a landscape improvement project. Sandstone also flaunts a robust and natural textured finish for your exterior landscape


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Capping Sandstone – The Landscape Enhancement For Pool Surroundings

With our 10 years of experience in the sandstone industry, we always provide the best solution for our valued customers.

To upgrade the aesthetic appeal of their property, we suggest capping sandstone, because it’s designed to mirror the natural look of Australian sandstone accurately. This elegant-looking range has been crafted from the finest materials and is available in beautiful colour.

Not only delivered in the unique original colour, but also in amazing unique shapes. There are numerous different kinds of organic stones with all providing a distinctive look and practical advantages.

Many homeowners love to apply sandstone for their pool surroundings because it requires very little maintenance.

Now, we will be transparent with you, if you consider using stone for your pool surroundings, we suggest that it must be sealed with advance salt protection.

High-grade bluestone and limestone will not react to saltwater IF, the correct Ph levels are maintained.

We will gladly assist you and provide advice you need to know in order to enhance the landscape of your property, from pavers to tiles, to pool coping or step treads! We will guide you along the way.

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When you decide to hire us At TRStone Mason, be ready for the highest quality of result. We set a high standard in everything we do, with our skill, knowledge, and experience in the industry, we always exceed beyond our customers’ expectation.

Our team consist of reliable and friendly specialists that will deliver a satisfying result, that’s why we are Sydney’s most recommended and trusted sandstone specialists.

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