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At TR Stonemason, our stonemasons know what it means to take sandstone and turn it into something beautiful. Our sandstone masons in the North Shore can help you with a range of stonemason projects, including:

Sandstone Front Gate

Allow the front gate of your property to stand out with a sophisticated piece created by our stonemasons at TR stonemason. We guarantee that we’ll create front gates and letterboxes that match the overall aesthetic of your home. For strong, long lasting gates and letterboxes, contact our team at TR Stonemason today.

Sandstone Flagging

With our natural sandstone pavers, we can create a stunning outdoor atmosphere for your home. Pavers will not only protect your house, but they’ll also increase the look and feel of your home. With a range of colours to choose from, utilising sandstone for pavers will be the perfect addition to your home.

Pool Surroundings / Cladding

Choosing the right finishes for pool pavers is important, not only for safety reasons but also in terms of style and luxury. At TR Stonemason, we specialise in pool surroundings and cladding by adding sandstone around your pool – making it low-maintenance, durable, and eco-friendly.

Sandstone Column

Are you looking for a way to improve the appearance of your home? Add a stone column to significantly enhance the look and feel of your property. Sandstone is the perfect choice to use for a decorative piece, and at TR Stonemason, we’re an expert sandstone mason company in the North Shore.

Sandstone Stairways

Sandstone is a great choice for outdoor stairways as it is durable, charming, and incredibly natural-looking. When you want a stairway with a more authentic look, choose our sandstone stairways from TR Stonemason.

Feature Wall/Cladding

Feature walls are perfect for protecting your property from weather or unexpected damages. Applying natural stone for wall cladding is a beneficial choice as it won’t just protect your home, but it will also add to its aesthetic value. Our sandstone stonemasonry experts can create the perfect wall cladding for your home.

Retaining Wall & Repairs

If your property sits on a slope, you’ll need a retaining wall to keep everything in its right place. Our team is experienced in building and installing retaining walls in a variety of shapes and colours. For more information on stonemason in the Northern Beaches, contact us today.

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone is an impressive choice of paver as it has a natural look, requires little to no maintenance, and is high in durability. When you need the best exterior paving possible, choose our sandstone pavers from TR Stonemason.

Garden Edge & Masonry

Are you looking to add an extra element to your garden to take it to the next level? Garden edging is the simplest yet most impact full way to add structure to your garden. With our sandstone stonemasonry services, we’ll create a garden edge that not only protects your plants but also enhances the look of your garden.

Fire Place & Masonry Sandstone

A masonry sandstone fireplace is a clever choice when you want a stunning focal point for your home. A fireplace made from sandstone will enhance the atmosphere in any given room and add an element of elegance to your space.

Heritage Work/Re-pointing

At TR Stonemason, we specialise in restoring heritage work and replacing it with new mortar to maintain its slick appearance and functionality. If your brickwork needs mending, our stonemason experts can fix it for you.

Our Projects

Take a look at some of our previous projects and how we’ve utilised our skills and expertise to create the perfect sandstone masonry products for our clients. We can transform the look and feel of your home with our specialised stonemason services at TR Stonemason.

Crazy Sandstone Paving

Excellent, high-quality paving can deliver a sense of elegance and practical appeal to your outdoor spaces. Outdoor pavers, also known as crazy pavers, come in a range of varied and engaging options to suit any backyard or driveway.

Sandstone Letter Box

Our sandstone mailboxes are of high-quality and made individually to ensure all your design and functionality needs are met.

Sandstone Wall Capping

Every wall has different components to ensure it is strong, durable, and can handle a wide range of weather conditions.

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