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Stack Stone & Limestone Cladding

Limestone cladding is used to protect your home from the harsh Australian climate. With the proper selection, you can combine thermal insulation and weather resistance along with a timeless and eye-catching aesthetic. Stack stone, or limestone cladding, is a great way to rejuvenate your home’s tired look or inject a feature wall onto your property. The added texture of natural stone will be sure to impress and give your home a unique look. Cladding also is not just limited to your home’s exterior. More and more people choose to place cladding in the interiors of their home, with striking results. Why not try stone cladding to add more dimension to your fireplace or create a stunning feature wall in your house?

Natural Stone Cladding

We specialise in offering a premium range of Limestone cladding and natural stone wall claddings designed to enhance our home’s visual appeal. Our stone cladding will create an organic and modern look for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Cladding is extremely versatile and can be used for fireplaces, BBQ areas, outdoor entertaining areas, or feature walls.

Made of superb quality and a visually appealing selection of stone, we can help you transform the dull and bland areas of your home into expressive installations that will make you stand out from the rest.

What are the benefits of natural cladding?

There are many pros to choosing natural cladding for your home. The most obvious is natural stone’s unrivalled beauty. Natural stone’s texture evokes thoughts of being connected to nature and will help your home blend in with the environment’s natural beauty. Available in a range of shades, there is sure to be something that is right for you. Here at TR Stone Mason, we also embrace the individuality of natural stone; no two pieces are ever the same. The stone’s natural variation will add more visual appeal and keep your cladding from looking too dull.

Durable Materials

Stone also lasts for a considerable amount of time; it is an exceedingly durable material, an essential feature when using it as external limestone cladding. Natural stone is more resistant to breaking and chipping and will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Additionally, stone cladding requires very little maintenance. Over time, your stone cladding will likely improve. The general wear and tear that the cladding goes through will help your stone look weathered and more dimensional. Stone cladding also has the added benefit of being highly flame resistant, perfect for people who live in areas more prone to fires.

Versatile Options

Another benefit of stone cladding is the wide range of options. There are so many types of stone in various colours and formats. If you have a specific style that you would like your home to follow, there will be a complimentary stone cladding that will fit perfectly within your home. Stone cladding’s natural versatility is one of the reasons many people choose natural stone for their home.

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Whether you prefer stack stone cladding or limestone cladding, we have something for you here at TR Stone Mason. With our first-class stone cladding range, we will work with you based on your needs to deliver the best outcome for your home that we can. Call us today on 0414 447 554 or email to have a chat with our team.