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Sandstone Stairs In Sydney

If you love having a rustic and authentic look for your stairs, you should definitely be considering sandstone. Sandstone is highly durable and easy to apply and is known for its eye-catching artistic features. The variety of colours and styles available allows for a nice selection of options to cater to the design desires of your choice.

Sandstone is now known as the latest pioneer when it comes to stone usage for both indoor and outdoor applications. At TR Stonemason, we advise our clients to consider sandstone stairs as the material is a top choice when it comes to landscaping and projects for an outdoor landscape. Besides its high durability, sandstone is known for its charming and flawless natural look and will create the perfect stairs for your property. Our team at TR Stonemason specialise in natural stone stairs in Sydney and know what it takes to create and install high-quality, professional stairs that are both practical and add an extra element of design to the given space. Hence, when you’re looking for a team that can help you create premium sandstone stairs in Sydney, choose our services at TR Stonemason.

Improve The Visual Of Your Home With Natural Stone Stairs

The concept of your natural stone stairs is a vital element when it comes to the overall design of your property as you want the aesthetic to by captivating and functional. To find the perfect design, you need to know the essential elements needed for a staircase. We’re here to give you a better understanding of the integral components of a staircase that you need to understand and that we’ll work with you on to perfect your sandstone stairs.

The tread – the most basic of components: the tread refers to the horizontal surface of the sandstone stairs that a person will walk on.
The riser – the vertical part between each tread: the riser forms the space between each step and is sometimes slightly inclined.

The stringer – the structural support: The stringer is installed on either side of the staircase to which the tread and risers are attached. The stringer will provide the framework for the staircase.

At TR Stonemason, we utilise sandstone to create each part of your staircase so that you’re left with a smooth, high-quality finish that is perfect for the outdoors.

What we know and call a ‘step’ is actually a combination of a tread and riser. In some cases, such as open steps, you’re able to see between or through the stairs as there is no riser. Although all stairs have the same purpose – to form a connection between different spaces, each set of stairs needs to have its own uniqueness. The visual appearance of your natural stone stairs will be a statement of architecture and therefore, why wouldn’t you try to stand out from the crowd and create something a little different? The important factors you need to think about to make this happen is size, shape, materials, and placements. However, our team at TR Stonemason can help with this. With our years of experience in sandstone stair masonry, we’re experts in understanding how to uniquely design the perfect natural stone stairs for your property and how to make it both functional and aesthetically fulfilling. If you’re looking to improve the visual outlook of your property, choose our team at TR Stonemason to make it happen and we will also help you by suggesting which types of sandstone will be best for it.

Our Experts In Sandstone Stairs

Our sandstone stair specialists at TR Stonemason are the only natural stone stair experts you need!

To provide high-quality results when it comes to construction, we suggest that many of our property owners use sandstone. It’s a versatile element that can be used in many areas around the home – both in the interior, as well as in gardens, offices, schools, and other public spaces. Suppose you’re thinking about enhancing your property’s appearance, and you need an advisor to work with you in choosing the best natural stone stairs for your home. In that case, our team at TR Stonemason will provide you with exceptional customer service and winning solutions. Having worked in some of the most iconic projects around town, our team of experts will assuredly help you bring your sandstone stairs vision to life and create an atmosphere in your property that you always aspired to have.

There are many reasons to choose our sandstone stairs consultants at TR Stonemason, including:

  • We have been involved in a variety of projects and specialise in outdoor sandstone stairs
  • We provide the finest finishes at an affordable price
  • We are a team of reliable sandstone consultants
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service
  • Fully insured and licensed stonemasons
  • Quality sandstone utilised in all projects including sandstone steppers
  • Guaranteed results when you choose us for your sandstone stairs

Sandstone stairs can make a huge difference to your outdoor landscape and can add an element of character to your garden that you never knew you needed. With its long lifespan and high durability, there’s no reason not to use sandstone in your garden – especially when it comes to creating your own staircase. Its high resistance to harsh weather conditions and strengths make it’s a perfect material to use for the unpredictable climate we experience in Australia.

However, it’s important that you choose the right team to help you create the perfect sandstone stairs. At TR Stonemason, we’re your local experts in sandstone masonry as we know what it takes to make functional, yet breathtaking natural stone stairs to match your property perfectly. For more information on sandstone stairs, contact us today.

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