Sandstone Stairs – The Eye-Catching Material You Should Consider

If you love the rustic and authentic look for your stairs, sandstone is the material you definitely need to consider.

Sandstone is highly durable and easy to apply. This material is known for its eye-catching artistic feature. The variety of colours and styles available allow a nice selection of options to cater to the design you desire.

Sandstone is now known as the latest Pioneer when it comes to the choice of stone to use for both indoor and outdoor applications. We advise many of our clients to use sandstone over other materials.

Sandstone is the top choice when it comes to landscaping. It is the ideal choice of material to use for creating the perfect outdoor living space. Besides its high durability, sandstone is known for its charming and flawless natural look.

Sandstone is also known to be functional to use for both exterior or interior decor of your dreams.

Staircase Australia – What You Should Know To Visually Improve Your Home

The design of the stairs is a vital element for multi-floor properties, it is also a captivating aesthetic to add.

You have to know the essential elements of the stairs if you are thinking to construct one, guess what? You are in luck! I will give you a better understanding of integral components of staircase you HAVE to know.

  • First, the basic component is the tread
  • Second the horizontal surface you’ll walk on
  • Third the riser, the vertical part between each tread and last but definitely not least the stringer, it is the structural support to hold the treads in place and provide stability.

What we knew and call as a step is actually a combination of tread and riser. In some cases such as open steps or you might call it floating steps, it allows you to see between or through the stairs because there’s no riser.

All stairs have the same role, it is to connect spaces on a different level, but each type of stairs has its own uniqueness. Not only to connect levels of your property, but their visual appearance is a statement of architecture. The important factors to create a stan out stair/stairway include its size, shape, materials, and its placement. This fundamental part of home design is considered as the centrepiece of the house.

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Trstone Mason Sydney – The Only Sandstone Steps Experts You Need

To provide high-quality results of construction, we suggest many of our property owners use sandstone. Its applicable element can be utilized not for homes, but also for gardens, offices, schools and other public spaces.

If you are thinking to enhance your property’s appearance, and you need an advisor to work with you in choosing the best sandstone steps for your home, we at TRStone Mason will provide you a winning and resolute solution.

Working in some of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney, we will assuredly help you to actualize the sophisticated atmosphere of the house you always aspire to have.

We have worked for projects and provide the finest finishes at an affordable price.

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