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Superior and Natural Sandstone Pavers Sydney

If you want to build an exceptional outdoor atmosphere for your home, you can’t go past the addition of sandstone pavers in your garden. Not only do they serve as an impressive protection measure for your outdoor landscape, but they also provide an added value to your home through their aesthetic appeal.

At TR Stonemason, our pavers come in a selection of colours to enhance the ambience of your property. However, it’s important to know what material to use when creating pavers for your outdoor landscape. We believe that the best choice is sandstone and therefore, we specialise in sandstone paving in Sydney.

Sandstone can be utilised for a variety of projects, including paving, tiling, and cladding. It possesses a unique blend of colours and a natural strength that is perfect for outdoor developments. Additionally, its high durability and the need for little to no maintenance has made it a popular and beloved material to use as not only pavers but in all facets of an outdoor landscape. Utilising sandstone will guarantee a long lifespan as the natural material can stand the test of time and preserve its immaculate appearance many decades later.

We provide premium quality sandstone pavers in Sydney for a lavish and natural-looking enhancement to your property. The next time you need quality sandstone pavers, or want to know which type of sandstone will be best for your house then choose our team at TR Stonemason.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic With Quality Sandstone Pavers

Adding sandstone pavers to your outdoor landscape is a cost-effective project that will improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

Quality sandstone pavers from TR Stonemason will add to the elegance and practical appeal of your outdoor space. To ensure they are fully functional as well as visually appealing, our pavers are applied over soft bases – usually known as substrates such as rammed earth or road base which is then sprinkled with sand. Additionally, we understand that the sandstone must be completely robust to ensure it doesn’t move in a way that will cause the stone to crack which requires the thickness of the stone to be 30mm or more, depending on the traffic load.

These days, outside areas often have concretes that provides an astonishingly intense and very solid substrate. Therefore, at TR Stonemason, outdoor pavers come in a range of varied and engaging options to suit any backyard or driveway.
There is a range of other reasons to use sandstone for paving purposes and just about any outdoor project, some of which include:

  • Sandstone is durable but workable. It’s strong enough to last for years but easy enough to shape and work into the desired look, meaning that they’re perfect for backyard pavers.
  • Individual sandstone slabs are replaceable if damaged. You can easily replace a sandstone paver if it ever cracks or stains over time.
  • Sandstone paving is environmentally friendly. Sandstone can easily be recycled and reused elsewhere, meaning that sandstone will never get wasted as it always has a place to go.
  • Sandstone is naturally non-slip. This means it’s ideal for outdoor areas that will be exposed to weather conditions like rain or swimming areas.
  • Natural sandstone comes in a variety of shades and colours. You can choose which colour of sandstone you want for your outdoor paving project.
  • Sandstone paving is low maintenance. Cleaning is simple as you can use a high-pressure hose to get rid of stains and your pavers will look as good as new.
  • Sandstone is an affordable alternative to other synthetic or natural materials. Enjoy the beauty of natural stone while sticking to a budget.

Sandstone Paving Specialists

If you want an expert’s help to choose the best paving sandstone for your outdoor projects, contact us. We have the skills and experience to offer everything you expect.  


At TR Stonemason, we will assist you in planning your sandstone paving project. We will conduct a small survey. It will help us to:  


  • Understand the scope and size of the area that needs to be paved.  
  • Evaluate the number of materials required for the project. 
  • Identify the issues that may arise.  

As a result, we can ensure that the installation is completed perfectly. 

We promise only the highest quality of workmanship. With years of experience in the stonemason industry, we are fully equipped with samples and technical information to help you understand our sandstone paving process and get comfortable with our team. Our project consultants and field sales personnel are happy to help advise you throughout the paving process.

From the initial planning stages, all the way to completion, our team will carer to all your sandstone paving requirements. We guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations and deliver the perfect results for your outdoor paving project.


We have a team of professional, reliable sandstone paving specialists that are dedicated to successfully completing all your outdoor paving needs to the highest standard. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose TR Stonemason for your next sandstone paving project:

  • We are a team of dependable sandstone consultants
  • We’re experts at installing sandstone pavers
  • You won’t find better prices for exceptional services
  • Fully insured and licensed stonemasons
  • We’ll provide the perfect finish on your pavers
  • Quality sandstone pavers
  • Guaranteed results, every time

When you need quality sandstone pavers and a team that has the experience to install them properly, choose our experts at TR Stonemason. We’re your local specialists when it comes to sandstone masonry and can create the perfect outdoor projects to suit your needs. For more information on our sandstone pavers in Sydney, contact us today.

Start Your Sandstone Paving Project Today

To find out more about our past paving projects, take a look at our gallery. We’ve completed a range of projects using sandstone and have years of experience in dealing with and installing the perfect sandstone pavers for your outdoor environment. Start your paving project with us today, and we’ll guide through every step of the process – from initial planning to execution and completion, you can rely on us.


For more detailed information on our quality sandstone pavers, get in touch with us at TR Stonemason or call us on 0414 447 554, and we’ll give you a free quote today. We also offer a range of other stonemasonry services such as sandstone cladding, heritage sandstone, sandstone stairs, swimming pool capping, sandstone letterbox and more.  Talk to us about our additional services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sandstone Paving

Sandstone pavers are nature’s durable gift, crafted from cut sandstone blocks. Renowned for their strength, captivating colors, and unique textures, sandstone pavers are perfect for outdoor landscaping and paving.

The charm of sandstone pavers resides in their remarkable adaptability, eco-friendliness, and resilience against diverse weather conditions. You can use these versatile pavers to create charming pathways, inviting patios, and pool surroundings that add a timeless touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

The art of grouting sandstone pavers involves a meticulous process. Begin by cleansing the joints, then delicately apply the grout, ensuring a snug fit. Afterwards, remove any surplus grout from the pavers, leaving a seamless and polished appearance behind.

Cleaning sandstone pavers is a straightforward affair.  Employ a gentle mixture of water and mild detergent to tenderly scrub away blemishes and dirt. Steer clear of abrasive chemicals and high-pressure washing, as they can harm the stone. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring your pavers retain their lasting allure.

The price of sandstone pavers can fluctuate based on size, thickness, quality, and your chosen supplier. These pavers can range from to per square foot. Considering these variables and obtaining quotes from reputable suppliers is crucial to determine the exact cost tailored to your project.

The primary divergence between sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles lies in their thickness and purpose. Sandstone pavers are robust and designed for outdoor applications, such as pathways and patios, offering durability and a natural aesthetic. Conversely, sandstone tiles are thinner and ideal for indoor use, enhancing the beauty of kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

Sandstone, a true gift from nature, is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. Outdoors it thrives in garden pathways, patios, pool surroundings, and courtyards, imparting elegance to the landscape. Inside, it adorns floors, walls, and countertops, seamlessly bringing the beauty of nature into your living spaces. Sandstone’s adaptability, durability, and aesthetic charm make it a cherished choice for outdoor and indoor design projects.

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