If your property sits on a slope, it needs a retaining wall. These structures keep soil in place, maintain the land’s grading, and prevent erosion. Without a retaining wall, it is possible for your lawn or landscaping to slip down the slope and cause problems.

At TR Stonemason, we have installed several sandstone retaining walls Blocks over the years and understand the process well. Our team will make sure your property has a strong structure that can handle different kinds of weather conditions well.

Sandstone Retaining Wall Structure

A retaining wall is no ordinary structure. It has a careful design that can handle a lot of pressure and still ensure proper drainage. These walls can be made from different kinds of materials like brick, concrete blocks, and natural stone. Here is a look at the basic components of the sandstone retaining wall structure:

  • Base – A strong base ensures the retaining wall can handle all of the pressure from the earth behind it and keep the soil in place. Most walls go a few feet underground to provide a proper anchor.
  • Backfill – The retaining wall backfill facilitates drainage, ensuring every bit of water flowing from the lawn or garden behind the wall has somewhere to go. Most retaining walls are designed to be impermeable, which ensures water and soil can’t go beyond it.
  • Drain – The wall drainage system ensures the water that reaches the backfill is carried to underground drains and directed away from the property. Without proper draining, the water will accumulate behind the wall and cause damage eventually.

A well-designed sandstone retaining wall will remain in place for several decades and keep your landscape in place. Most residential properties only need 4-5 feet tall retaining walls to get the best results.

The Usage of Retaining Walls Isn’t Only a Design Choice But Necessary for Many Homes

Numerous areas have reached chance of soil erosion, or their home line steeply drops off near a hill. Retention walls of all of the sizes are a necessary element of more residences and buildings.  The nicest retaining walls are constructed of stones. These walls may be customized into different shapes, shades and textures. These are a good option to improve soil stability and produce an enhanced size to your backyard. 

Retaining walls can be bought in several styles, shapes and designs. As soon as set up, retaining walls call for almost no maintenance. All of that you may need for an operating retaining wall is concrete blocks with interlocking edges. These blocks should always be sized reasonably and installed carefully.  Once you spend money on retaining walls, you are able to boost the security and balance of the soil.

These walls also turn out to be an amazing structure for garden and lawn landscaping. To take what to a completely new level, you can easily incorporate retaining walls as an element of your patio configuration. Also, you can make use of the retaining walls as a backdrop for lighting, storage and plant holders.

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Why Install a Sandstone Retaining Wall?

Natural stone has always been a popular material choice for retaining walls because it is so resilient. We have used sandstone in several projects over the years with great results. Here are some reasons why this material is ideal for your sandstone retaining wall:

All-Weather ConditionsSandstone is naturally resilient and can handle all kinds of Australian weather conditions well. It will remain intact during hot and cold weather without any compromise in structural integrity. That’s one of the reasons why we always encourage clients to consider sandstone. We have seen how well it performs in real-life conditions.

Beautiful Appearance – Sandstone fits into the modern aesthetic perfectly. The stone comes in a wide range of colours ranging from pale gold to light brown so you can easily find something that fits your aesthetic. Sandstone is suitable for all kinds of homes, whether it is rustic, modern, or urban.

Easy to Shape – This stone is easier to work with than other alternatives. It can be carved and shaped into different designs easily, which means you can get a truly customised retaining wall for your property. Whether you want a smooth and clean sandstone retaining wall design or something more rustic, this stone is suitable.

As experienced sandstone retaining wall installers, we know how this material works and will make sure it fits your property correctly.

Other Uses of Retaining Walls

Sandstone retaining walls serve different purposes. Aside from preventing erosion and keeping the landscape in place, the wall can also:

  1. Provide Structure – You can use retaining walls to mark different areas of the outdoor landscape. For example, it can be used to separate patio and outdoor firepit areas from pool or garden areas. These walls can divide your outdoor space according to your particular requirements.
  2. Create Enclosed Spaces – Do you want to create a comfortable enclosed space like a private garden or patio? Retaining walls are the perfect way to do that. We can install as sandstone retaining wall that is slightly taller than traditional retaining installations to create a private space.
  3. Offer Outdoor Seating – We can install flat capping on these walls to ensure they can be used for outdoor seating as well. You can sit on top of the walls and enjoy some time in your garden or by the pool. This can be convenient for people who like to host backyard parties or family get-togethers.

High-Quality Sandstone Retaining Wall Installations

Retaining walls can also double as a fence or boundary wall if needed. Just explain your requirements to our expert, and they will alter the design of the space accordingly. All walls are customisable according to the client’s preferences. Our services are straightforward and affordable, so you don’t need to be concerned about the costs involved. We offer the best prices for retaining wall construction.

If you want to know more about our sandstone retaining wall installation services, don’t hesitate to reach out to TR Stonemason. We offer a premier service and always maintain honest communication with our clients. You can call 1300 160 327 or use this contact us form to reach us.

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