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Bluestone Tiles & Pavers

Bluestone is typically reserved for any rock with a blue-grey colour. There are many types of bluestone, from natural cleft, thermal and irregular to name a few. Bluestone is typically composed of quartz and sand compounds. The most common applications of bluestone are tiles and pavers.

While tiles and sandstone pavers are the most common bluestone products, the rock can be used across many different design and architectural applications. The most common shape of bluestone is a square or rectangle that is cut very thin.

Here at TR Stone Mason, we offer bluestone tiles and paver products for customers looking for a highly reliable stone material. Its rich appearance is fantastic for almost any application, from swimming pools to driveways and more.

We are the preferred bluestone tile and paver supplier. For those looking for a high-quality product that is flexible and customisable in residential and commercial properties, talk to one of our experts today for more information.

Is bluestone expensive?

Bluestone can vary in price. However, a higher price does not guarantee a better product. The price of bluestone is often impacted by logistic costs — such as shipping and composition of the bluestone. Some products will use difficult to source materials making the product more expensive.  

The cost of bluestone will primarily be dictated by the finish, pattern, style and shape. Another aspect of cost the buyers need to be aware of is the installation cost. The process is complex and requires proper sealing. Quite often, customers do not realise how expensive buying and installing bluestone can be.

The benefits of choosing bluestone

In most cases, bluestone is an inexpensive material that can be a fantastic option for a pathway or permanent feature in your garden. Bluestone pavers are extremely durable, dense and hard in composition. This makes bluestone a fantastic long term investment for residential and commercial buyers.


Bluestone can withstand most weather conditions and a great all year round. The stone is also durable and safe from wear and tear. The natural stone is made from a mixture of sand compounds and quartz particles — two elements known for being very durable.


Another benefit of bluestone is its non-slippery composition. Unlike some tiling materials, such as slate, bluestone is non-slippery when dry or wet. Even during the winter when it is raining, the stone when soaked retains its non-slippery qualities.


This benefit makes bluestone an excellent option for high traffic walkways and paths to and from buildings. Many of our customers choose it as their preferred path to and from their front door. It is also a great option for outdoor areas that need a hard surface.


Bluestone is also an excellent thermal conductor for bathroom walls, kitchen surfaces and even pools. Many customers will select bluestone for these applications. It is a versatile stone product that can be used in many different ways.


Bluestone is a versatile product that can be used indoors and outdoors. It is non-slippery, weather-proof and long-lasting. It can be used as paving or as tiles in your home. Discover how you can use Bluestone today by contacting us.

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There are endless options for this stone in your house or backyard, with so many versatile uses for bluestone. If you want to upgrade your home, contact us today by calling  0414 447 554 or email us at