Every wall has different components to ensure it is strong, durable, and can handle a wide range of weather conditions. Capping is one of the most important components of outdoor walls, and it should always be installed correctly to ensure the structure can stand the test of time. At TR Stonemason, we install sandstone wall capping and have ample experience with this material. It stands up well in real-life conditions, especially in Australia.

What is Sandstone Wall Capping?

A wall capping is a cover for the top of a wall to protect it from moisture penetration during rains and help maintain structural integrity. Without capping, water can slip in between the joints of the wall and cause problems down the line. Capping can be made from a wide range of materials like aluminium, steel, concrete, natural stone, and even asphalt. Most people choose either stone or concrete because they are some of the most durable and easy to maintain materials available in the market today. We install sandstone wall cappings because they are a great material with a strong track record in Australian properties.

What are the Uses of Sandstone Wall Capping?

Wall copping plays a vital role in the overall construction of a wall, which is one of the reasons why it is essential to ensure it is installed correctly. Here’s a look at some of the uses of these components:

  • Protection From Weather – Capping doesn’t just protect the wall from rainwater penetration; it also protects it from frost, dust, and excess heat. It ensures mould doesn’t settle into the cracks and gaps of the wall and cause problems down the line.
  • Uniform Appearance – Sandstone wall capping gives the structure a uniform appearance that is crucial to maintain the visual appeal of any property. When a wall has a cap, it looks complete and put-together. We can install sandstone caps of different designs and colours to improve the appearance of your outdoor walls as well.
  • Extending the Life of the Wall – A wall capping is a protective component that can help reduce wear and tear caused by exposure. This naturally increases a wall’s lifespan and also helps cut down on maintenance or repair costs.
  • Improving Structural Integrity – Capping helps balance out the structure and improve its overall integrity.

Our team knows how to install good-quality caps that look good and protect the wall at the same time. We specialise in sandstone caps and have seen just how effective they can be in both residential and commercial properties.

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What are the Benefits of Sandstone?

Sandstone is a popular natural stone material in Australia. It has excellent colour and texture, which makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of building applications. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of sandstone wall capping:

  • Ability to Handle All Weather Conditions – Sandstone is a very resilient material and can handle the heat, cold, heavy rainfall, excess moisture, and other such environmental conditions very well. A sandstone wall capping will provide maximum protection to the wall throughout the year.
  • Easy to Shape – Different clients want different kinds of capping on their properties. For example, some prefer a flat design that looks polished while others want a tapered design that ensures rainwater can flow off it smoothly off the surface. Fortunately, sandstone is more straightforward to shape than other natural stone materials so we can install caps of different shapes or sizes on your property.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Sandstone comes in a wide range of colours and textures so you can create several unique effects on the wall. You can share your tastes and preferences with our experts. They will recommend the type of sandstone that is most suitable.

As an experienced company that has worked with this material for several years, we will make sure your sandstone wall capping looks good and lasts for a long time. Our experts will use the best installation techniques and source raw materials from reliable producers.

Different Types of Wall Capping

Sandstone wall capping comes in a wide range of shapes and designs. You can choose something that fits in with the property architecture. We are familiar with the different types of capping styles, including:

  • Saddle or twice-weathered
  • Splayed
  • Decorative
  • Flat
  • Half-round
  • Masonry capping

These are just some of the many styles you can use based on the aesthetics required. Some people also like to experiment with the more unusual sandstone wall capping styles to stand out from the crowd. Our team will explain these styles in detail so you can make an informed decision. If you want to know more about our sandstone wall capping services, don’t hesitate to reach out to TR Stonemason. We offer a premier service and always maintain honest communication with our clients. You can call 1300 160 327 or use this contact us form to reach us.

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